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8 July 2022

What’s new

  • Allow the user to change the Timer time after starting the timer.

  • Discard the running timer option.

  • Withdraw approval in tracker weekly

  • Remove time entry row from Tracker weekly

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Default account switching is not changing data in local storage

  • Fixed: Project details - Edit project info does not update hours dynamically on the graph

  • Fixed: Tracker daily and weekly - summary panel graph - Bar and time is not shown with time under no project

  • Fixed: Design fix - hover the white box in the project "add task" and select

  • Fixed: Tracker daily - Change date and time - changing time does not show snack bar

  • Fixed: Project template - Updated error message on template duplicate

  • Fixed: Change ownership

  • Fixed: Issue in switching timer and manual mode.

  • Fixed: Resist negative value while changing the start time and end time.

Other improvements

  • Add project option project&Task popover.

  • Add Without project and task time entries through Tracker weekly.